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1. Influence of Interest Rate on the choice of Loan Packages by SACCOS in Kakamega Central Sub County, Kenya
Author : 1Everlyn Aluoch Wanzetse, John Byaruhanga, Albert Odhiambo
Keyword : Interest rate, Choice of loan packages, Sacco in Kakamega Central Sub-county, Kenya

The purpose of this paper was to establish influence of interest rate on the choice of loan package by SACCOs in Kakamega Central Sub-County, Kenya. The study adopted the agency, Financial, Stewardship and Stewardship theories in explaining the study variables. This study adopted a descriptive survey design. Since all SACCOs in Kakamega Central Sub County registered under the Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing as at 31st December 2016 and were categorized as active were studied then this was a census study. The study used both primary and secondary data. Both the questionnaire and the measurement process were guided by the conceptual framework in order to isolate and focus on the key elements of interest rate, loan packages choice and the member factors and ensure construct validity because they reflect the key components of the study variables. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was used to measure the reliability of the 0.816 which also was used to assess the interval consistency among the research instrument items. Validity was ensured by getting research instruments reviewed by experts from the department of Finance and accounting (MMUST). Both descriptive and inferential statistics (correlation and regression) were used in this study. The study results showed that thirty point five percent of choice of loan packages by Sacco members in Kakamega Central Sub County can be explained by interest rate (R squared =0 .305). Based on the study findings therefore, the study concluded that interest rate helps in improving the choice of loan packages by SACCO in Kakamega Central Sub County. Saccos in Kakamega Central Sub County should therefore strive to improve on their loan interest rates because it has been determined this study to have a positive effect on choice of loan packages by Sacco members in Kakamega Central Sub County. The study therefore concluded that all factors under study were significant in management of loans by SACCOs as each of them had a positive and significant effect on various loan packages offered by SACCOs in Kakamega Central Sub County. It is therefore imperative that managers of SACCOs take into account interest rate as a factor to maximize on profits and increase capital base. The findings form basis of studies in future.
2. Binary Codes from the Projective Symplectic Group ()
Author : Lydiah Rukaria, Lucy Chikamai, Ireri Kamuti
Keyword : Code, group Design, Graph, Automorphism, projective Symplectic group

We find all of the binary codes constructed from the primitive permutation representation of the projective symplectic group S(2)of degree 255. It is shown that in total we have 76 non - trivial and non - isomorphic codes. The properties of the codes with small dimension are given and links with modular representation theory established. Further from the support of the codewords, we construct the 1 and 2 - designs associated to the code and the graphs of the designs.
3. Factors Affecting High School to University Government Sponsored Program Transition among Students in Migori County
Author : Troon John Benedict, Omondi J. Ouno
Keyword : Binary logistic regression, Stratified random sampling, KUCCPS, GSSP.

It is always the wish of every parent and any high school going student that at the end of the four years in high school that he/she would get to perform well. The best of the best student in Kenya are measured by their ability to perform well in K.C.S.E and be able to attain the GSSP cut off point/mark, therefore a student who attain this mark is considered to have performed best. The study checked at the factors which affect the student ability to attain this mark among students of Migori county using a binary logistic regression model and a sample of 200 students from 20 schools drawn all over the County using Stratified random sampling Method. The study found out that student performance in the county and the attainment of the GSSP cut-off mark/point is affected by Family background, Average performance in High school, the number of exams done by the student in form 4, the K.C.P.E performance of the student and the number of times the student sat for the K.C.S.E exams.
4. On The Norm of Jordan Elementary Operator
Author : Beatrice Adhiambo Odero
Keyword : Norm, Jordan Elementary operator

Many researchers in operator theory have studied the norm of Jordan elementary operator. Various results have been obtained using various approaches to establish the lower bound of this norm. In this paper we attempt the same problem for finite dimensional operators
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