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1. Poincares Uniformization Theorem
Author : Mukesh Kumar
Keyword : Riemanns Theorem, Poincare Theorem, Mobius, Hyperbolic Plane, Complex Plane.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:1 - 5,Year:(2012)
A compact Riemann surface can be realized as a quotient space , where U is the sphere , the euclidian plane C or the hyperbolic plane H and  is a discrete group of automorphisms. This induces a covering p: For each  acting on H we have a polygon P such that H is tessellated by P under the actions of the elements of  On the other hand if P is a hyperbolic polygon with a side pairing satisfying certain conditions, then the group generated by the side pairing is discrete and P tessellates H under .
2. Tensor of the type (0, 4) in a Generalised Structure Manifold
Author : R. P. Singh
Keyword : Generalised structure, Generalised metric structure, F-structure, π-structure.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:6 - 11,Year:(2012)
A tensor of the type (0, 4) having its relativistic significance was defined by Pokhariyal in 1973. In this paper, we have studied this tensor in a generalised structure manifold. Certain theorems also have been proved which are of great geometrical importance.
3. Estimating Wildfire Behaviour in Southern Nigerian Mangrove Vegetations
Author : Azaka O. A., Nwigbo S. C., Atuanya C. U., Okolie P. C., Nwadike C. E.
Keyword : Models, Crown Rate of spread, Surface Rate of spread, surface-crown transition, Mangrove Vegetations, Southern Nigeria, Wildfires.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:12 - 26,Year:(2012)
Wildfire behaviour of Southern Nigerian Mangrove vegetations was estimated. The basic understanding of experimental results from observations on real wildfire aided the exercise. Considering the underlining conditions such as environmental factors, chemical reactions, heat transfer modes and pyrolysis, Models were developed capable of giving an insight to the characteristics of the surface and crown fires with a quantifiable transition zone. These concepts were further transformed by ordinary differential equations and integral calculus to present a set of physical models for mangrove fuels, surface rate of spread, crown rate of spread and surface – crown transition rate of spread. The data obtained were imputed into a Nomograph and Behaveplus5 to estimate the Surface ROS, Crown ROS, Flame length, Fire Intensities under low and high wind speed conditions. From the results obtained, fuel model 4 has higher fireline intensity. This was also close with the results obtained using behaveplus5 operational tool.
4. A Study of M/G/1 Queuing Systems with Server Breakdowns and Repairs Using Reliability Theory
Keyword : Queuing Systems, Reliability Theory

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:27 - 38,Year:(2012)
We consider an M/G/1 queue Model with Bernoulli vacations and the server may experience several types of breakdowns. In this paper we analysis reliability of M/G/1 Queuing system. The server uptimes are assumed to be exponential, and the server repair times are arbitrarily distributed. Using a supplementary variable method we obtain a transient solution for both queuing and reliability measures of interest. These results provide inside into the effect of server breakdown and repairs on system performance. We then discuss some then special cases of the modal.
5. Thermal Radiation and Mass transfer Effects on Dusty Viscous Fluid past a Moving Infinite Vertical Plate with Uniform Heat Flux
Author : Shalini & M. S. Saroa
Keyword : impulsively started vertical plate, radiation, heat flux.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:39 - 48,Year:(2012)
In this paper the effects of mass transfer on free convection flow of viscous past an impulsively started infinite vertical plate with uniform heat flux in the presence of thermal radiation is studied. Mass transfer and radiation effects are taken into account and the dimensionless governing equation are solved using the finite difference technique. The numerical results are presented graphically for different values of the parameters entering into the problem on the velocity profiles of fluid and particles of dust, temperature and concentration profile and skin friction.
6. E-waste: A Global Problem in Physical Education
Author : Surander Singh and Dr. Rajat Kumar Banerjee
Keyword : E-waste, Environmental Hazards, Toxic, Substances in E-waste, Indian scenario.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:49 - 55,Year:(2012)
E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste problem in the industrialized world, it is being due to the growing sales and rapid obsolescence of these products. E-waste comprises of a multitude of components, some containing toxic substances that can have an adverse impact on human health and the environment if not handled properly. E-waste encompasses a broad and growing range of electronic devices like televisions, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and hand held cellular phones etc, which contain various types of toxic materials that posses both occupational and environmental health hazards apart from polluting the adjoining environment severely. In India, e-waste assumes greater significance not only due to the generation of its own e-waste but also because of the dumping of e-waste from developed countries. This paper initially summarizes various sources for e-waste and their quantification. Environmental and occupational hazards associated with e-waste processing are delineated by considering hazardous material and their composition, methods of handling and processing. E-Waste for short or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is the term used to describe old, end-of-life or discarded appliances using electricity. This review article provides a concise overview of India’s current E-waste scenario, environmental and health hazards, existing frameworks, organizations working on this issue.
7. The Study of Molecular Interaction of n-propyl acetate in lower alcohols by excess Physical Properties
Author : Sadhvi Gautam, Reena & Madhu Gautam
Keyword : Molecular Interaction

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:56 - 60,Year:(2012)
The aqueous solution of n-propyl acetate is made binary by adding methanol and ethanol at different mole fractions. The density, viscosity and ultrasound velocity is determined at 303K. The acoustic and thermodynamic parameters and their excess values have been computed at entire mole fraction. The trend of variation of isentropic compressibility ( ) and viscosity ( ) will decide the nature and extent of interaction between the molecules.
8. Modeling of Spread of Carrier Dependent Infectious Diseases: Effects of Isolation
Author : Vivek Kumar, Shikha Singh and Ram Ji Porwal
Keyword : Isolation, Stability, Lyapunov’s function.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:61 - 67,Year:(2012)
In this paper, a four dimensional SIS non-linear model is proposed and analyzed to study the role of isolation on the spread of a carrier dependent infectious disease. The model has been analyzed by using stability theory of differential equations and simulation. The analysis of the model implies that the spread of carrier dependent infectious disease decreases as the rate of isolation of severely infected human population density increases, A numerical analysis of the model is also performed which supports the analytical results.
9. Effect of Hall Current on MHD Free Convective Flow of a Visco-Elastic (Kuvshiniki Type) Dusty Gas through a Porous Medium with Heat Source/Sink
Author : Mukesh Chandra Shakya & Rajesh Johari
Keyword : Heat and mass transfer, MHD, free convective, porosity, dusty visco-elastic, hall current parameter.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:68 - 76,Year:(2012)
The present problem is concerned with hall current on MHD free convective flow of a visco-elastic (Kuvshiniki type) dusty gas through a porous medium induced by the motion of a semi infinite flat plate moving with velocity decreasing exponentially with time heat source/sink. The expressions for velocity distribution of the dusty gas, dust particles, temperature and concentration distribution are obtained. The effect of heat source parameters (S), visco-elastic parameter, magnetic parameter (M), hall current parameter (m1), permeability parameter (K1), Prandtl number (Pr) and Schmidt number (Sc) on velocity distribution of dusty gas, temperature and distribution are discussed graphically.
10. The Study of Savlon Antiseptic Compound in Organic Non-aqueous Ternary Mixture
Author : Manoj Kumar, Rajeev Kumar and Dr. B. S. Yadav
Keyword : Savlon, Antiseptic Compound,Ternary Mixture

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:77 - 82,Year:(2012)
The physico-chemical study has been done of antiseptic brand savlon in Non-aqueous ternary mixture with n-hexane and ethanol at 303K and 308K temp. The ultrasound velocity, density and viscosity have been observed practically. These physical properties have been utilized to compute various acoustic and thermodynamic parameters, which help us to determined intermolecular interaction between the molecules.
11. On Certain Relations Connecting Mock Theta Functions Of Order 10
Author : Roselin Antony and Hailemariam Fiseha
Keyword : Mock theta functions, partial mock theta functions.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:83 - 101,Year:(2012)
In his last letter to Hardy, Ramanujan defined 17 functions F(q), where | q | < 1. He called them mock theta functions, because as q radially approaches any point (r rational), there is a theta function Fr(q) with F(q) – Fr(q) = 0 (1). In this paper, we establish relations connecting mock theta functions, partial mock theta functions of order 10 and infinite products analogous to the identities of Ramanujan.
12. Effect of Radiation and Heat Source on Unsteady MHD Convective Flow of Mircopolar Fluid past a Semi-Infinite Vertical Moving Porous Plate
Author : Saurabh Chaturvedi & Rajesh Johari
Keyword : Micropolar fluid, Radiation, MHD, heat and mass transfer, skin-friction.

Volume:- 2,Issue:-1,PP:102 - 117,Year:(2012)
In this paper we investigate the effect of thermal radiation and heat source on the two-dimensional flow of a micropolar fluid over a continuously moving porous vertical plate under the combined buoyancy has been studied under the action of transverse magnetic field taking into account the thermal radiation field. The Roseland approximation is used to describe radiative heat transfer in the limit of optically thick fluids. The dimensionless governing equations for this investigation are solved analytically using perturbation technique. Numerical results of velocity distribution of micro polar fluids are compared with the corresponding flow problems for a Newtonian fluid. The resulting velocity, micro rotation, temperature and concentration distributions are shown graphically for different values of parameters entering into the problem. The numerical of the local wall shear stress, wall couple stress, local heat and mass flux are show in tabular form.
13. Acoustic Behaviour of Metal Halides in Organic Compounds
Author : Dr. Mahendra Singh
Keyword : Acoustic behavior metal halides isentropic compressibility ultrasonic velocity, ultrasonic inter ferrometer pyknometer,

Acoustic deals with the Phenomenon of sound in liquids. It has been termed as science of description, creation and comprehension of human experiences. The ultrasonic and various behavior of some metal halides (Antimony Chloride) with organic compounds (Benzene, chloroform and acetone) have been studies by different parameters as Isentropic compressibility density, ultrasonic velocity and salvation number for ion-solvent interaction.
14. The Effect of Porous Medium on Physiological Flow of Incompressible Fluid
Author : Diwari Lal
Keyword : Porous Medium, Incompressible Fluid.

In this study a finite difference method to solve the Navier-Stokes equations of incompressible fluid flow under the porosity effects through two dimensional section of a three dimensional model of a canine aorta is obtained. The numerical solution involves transforming a physical coordinates to a curvilinear boundary fitted coordinate system. The steady flow, branch flow and shear stress under the porous effects have been discussed in detail for incompressible fluid. The shear stress at the wall is calculated for Reynold's number of 1200 with branch to main aortic flow rate ratio as a parameter. The results are compared with earlier works involving experimental data and we have observed that our results are very close to the exact solutions
15. Ultrasonic Studies of Binary mixture of Quinoline and Acetonitrile at Different Temperature
Author : Shalini Pandey
Keyword : ultrasonic velocity, density , Isentropic compressibility and Viscosity

The ultrasonic velocity (U) and density ( ) have been measured at different frequencies in the binary mixtures of quinoline with acetonitrile at temperature 35C and 40C. The data have been used to evaluate the isentropic compressibility ( s  ), intermolecular free length ( f L ) and acoustic impedance (Z) and their excess values to elucidate the molecular association in the mixture. The variation of these parameters with acetonitrile indicates the nature of interaction present in the binary mixture
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